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[New!]HourWorldTM v3.5.1, Interactive World Clock with Displays up to 1280x1024
            Available as separate Intel and PowerPC Applications. Updated for Recent and Upcoming Time Zone Changes

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Key Benefits of HourWorldTM for the Macintosh

What is it Like? Nothing else. HourWorldTM is unique!

Now incorporating GTS® from Global Time Systems, HourWorldTM offers a trusted worldwide time reference, enhanced with time zone animation that adjusts automatically as daylight saving starts and stops in countries around the world.

HourWorldTM provides a world of time, sun and moon information graphically, attractively, and intuitively. A beautiful blend of graphics and text, HourWorldTM deserves a place in your Power Macintosh.

* What time is it in Alice Springs, Australia? How far away is it, and what direction?
 * What is a good time for a conference call with Sydney, Seattle, New York, London, and Manama?
  * Is it daylight or nighttime in New York? When is sunrise tomorrow? Sunset?
   * Where can I get an almanac printout for my city or location? Kathmandu?
    * What will the lighting and shadows be like at 10 AM next October 12, in Santiago, Chile?
     * What time will the moon rise in Boston next March 3rd?
      * When should I plan my astronomy observation to have a moonless, starry night?
       * What direction should I aim my shortwave antenna to pick up Moscow?
        * Where along the horizon will the sun and moon rise today? What times?
         * What will the moon look like tonight? What is will be the maximum lunar illumination?
          * When will it be dark enough to use my telescope?
           * Is Auckland on daylight time or standard time on November 14th?
            * I have an idea of the lighting I want for a photographic "shoot". When will it occur?
             * What will be the solar radiation at local noon today? What is it right now?

VGA HourWorld Display (56k)

DOWNLOADS: The software downloadable below is the full version with full features and documentation. Until a registration key is entered, full operation is limited to 30 days. Registration information is included in the download package. Requires Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or later.  Download a version compatible with your Mac.

Download HourWorld v. 3.5.1  for Intel Mac (2006 or later)

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Download HourWorld v. 3.5.1  for PowerPC Mac (2005 or earlier)

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